Research in Community (RIC) is a network for research and support of what we term a "culture of sustainability".

Through inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation between academic researchers and socio-ecological projects we want to foster the societal search for sustainability. Thereby we focus on ecovillages, other intentional communities and social cooperations. Our aim is to investigate into the experiments and experiences those projects have made, and critically analyse their potential for a transfer to other contexts. Through events, publications and consulting we hope to contribute to a an Education for Sustainable Development (UNESCO).

We would like to encourage engaged socio-ecological projects, to open up for academic research. In parallel, we suggest to academia to consider this field of research as a valuable and timely example of civic engagement towards a "culture of sustainability".

There are just some pages of Researchincommunity.net already available in English. However, if you are interested in our work – as a student, scholar, institution or project – please contact us: contact@researchincommunity.net